Different nationalities but they look the same, 7 foreign stars who resemble Korean celebrities

Despite the difference in gender or nationality, these celebrities are often mentioned in Korea as each other’s lookalike.

They are attracting more attention not only because of their visual features, but also because they have a similar vibe or the same attractive charms.

It is not an exaggeration to say that they are Doppelgangers, and they all have one thing in common: they are widely loved by their fans.

Let’s take a look at those who are mentioned as each other’s lookalike across the border and find out what similarities they have.

Actor Benedict Cumberbatch – actress Lee Yong-nyeo

World-renowned Hollywood actor Benedict Cumberbatch is drawing attention as the “lookalike” of Korean actress Lee Yong-nyeo.

Benedict Cumberbatch boasts horizontally long eyes and a sleek jawline, giving off a sharp and intelligent image.

benedict cumberbath

Lee Yong-nyeo also has a chic atmosphere with her long-shaped eyes, creating a similar feeling to Benedict Cumberbatch.

In fact, the two have been mentioned several times in previous broadcasts as “lookalike,” drawing attention.

Lee Yong-nyeo, who was called “Korea’s Sherlock,” said, “I’m nervous about being similar to such a world-famous actor.”

Singer Kelly Clarkson – Dr. Oh Eun-young

Legendary singer Kelly Clarkson, who has had numerous masterpieces with her explosive vocal power and beautiful voice, is being mentioned as a “lookalike” of Dr. Oh Eun-young.

oh eunyoung

Both of them have round, large eyes and similar lips line, and it is beautiful to see them smile broadly.

Netizens who watched videos of Kelly Clarkson singing also admired their similar appearances, saying, “It feels like I’m watching Dr. Oh Eun-young singing.”

Actor Joe Keery – Singer Lee Jang-won

Actor Joe Keery is being mentioned as the “lookalike” of singer Lee Jang-won, a member of the group Peppertons.

Joe Keery is a very attractive actor with wide forehead and a sculptured square jaw.

joe kiery

In particular, the corners of his mouth, which curls up when he smiles, are enough to shake women’s hearts.

Singer Lee Jang-won also boasts a wide forehead and dense facial features, giving off a similar charm to Joe Keery.

Actor George MacKay – Actor Jungwoo

George McKay, a warm-hearted actor from London, England, is usually mentioned as the “lookalike” of Korean actor Jung Woo.

george mckay jungwoo

Both, who show off their deep double eyelids and clear eyes, are especially attractive actors when they act with their sparkling eyes.

Korean netizens are also surprised, saying that George McKay and Jungwoo, who both have big and high nose bridges, look very similar.

Actress Anne Hathaway – Actress Jiwoo

Hollywood actress Anne Hathaway, who has starred in numerous masterpieces such as the movie “Intern” and “Les Misérables”, drew keen attention in Korea as many found out that she resembles Korean actor Jiwoo.

anne hathaway jiwoo

Both Anne Hathaway and Jiwoo had small faces, deer-like eyes, and clear facial features.

In particular, their mouth shapes give off a more similar atmosphere when they smile broadly.

Both of them, who show off their lovely smiles and pure charm, are praised for their beauty.

Singer Akina Nakamori – Singer Kim Se-jeong

Japanese singer Akina Nakamori drew attention for her resemblance with Korean singer Kim Se-jeong.

When they smile, both of them have very attractive eyes and the corners of their mouths go up, making them look like puppies.

akina nakamori kim se jeong

In particular, their deer-like clear eyes are also considered as their attractive points.

They also have another thing in common aside from their visual, which is their perfect husky vocal when they sing.

Singer Taylor Swift – Singer Lee Hyori

Singer Taylor Swift, who boasts a convex forehead and a high nose, is attracting fans’ attention as many think she resembles Korean singer Lee Hyo-ri.

Taylor Swift has a clear T-zone and cat-like eyes, giving off a sexy and seductive vibe.

lee hyori taylor swift

Lee Hyo-ri, who has clear facial features, has also established herself as a sexy star by showing her exotic beauty.

Taylor Swift, who boasts not only her beautiful beauty but also extraordinary leg length and slim body, is a Hollywood star widely loved in Korea like Lee Hyo-ri.

Source: insight

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