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“High School Mom and Dad 2” got accused of evil editing by the cast: “The production team manipulated the broadcast”

Ha Ri-bin, a cast member of MBN and K-STAR entertainment “High School Mom and Dad 2”, insisted that the broadcast has been manipulated and expressed her frustration.

On Sep 21st, Ha Ri-bin left a post on her Instagram story claiming that the production team has manipulated the content of MBN, K-STAR entertainment “High School Mom and Dad 2”.

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She said, “I said that I contact my husband a lot during the pre-interview, but (even on the day of the broadcast) I never did up to 13 calls a day. After seeing on TV the phone screen showing my 13 calls, I asked my husband about that. Turns out the production team save their number as my name and call him 13 times.”

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She continued, “About the scene when I called my husband and said, ‘I can’t do it. I want to quit,’ I later found out that the PD had suggested to my husband before filming to ‘cut off contact with your wife to bring out her anxiety, and then try drinking.’ After knowing about that truth, what I said was ‘I can’t film anymore because I feel betrayed. I want to stop everything’ but they edited it into ‘I can’t raise my kid anymore’.”

She also said that in a situation where she did not want to call her husband, the writers still pushed her to ‘call him‘, and she added that there were many exaggerated parts in the edited version.

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Finally, she wrote, “I started thinking whether this is right because I am being sworn at unfairly for my exaggerated appearance, and “I decided to film this program because it had the purpose of eliminating prejudice against high school parents, but I would like to say that my heart is bitter now because it seemed that they are only cultivating prejudice.”

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In “High School Parents 2”, which was broadcast on Sep 20th, Ha Ri-bin was shown making 13 calls during the span of 30 minutes before her husband’s shift ended. The show makes her into a depressed mom by showing that she was very dependent on her husband, neglecting her child to be on the phone or calling her husband’s workplace if she couldn’t be reached.

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As for why she is so obsessed with her phone, she explained, “I’m anxious because of my memories of being alone when I was young.”

Source: wikitree

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