Park Bo Young thought that looking too young was her weakness

There are many actors in the entertainment industry who  look surprisingly young. Among them, Park Bo-young is one of the most representative actresses.

Although Park Bo-young has reached the age of 30, she still boasts a youthful beauty that she is believed to be a teenage girl.

Two years ago, absurdly, YouTube AI recognized her face as a child and automatically blocked comments.

Park Bo-young once revealed that looking too young was considered a weakness. As an actor, she has to show various sides of herself, but there are bound to be limitations.

However, Park Bo-young decided to live by considering the shortcomings as an advantage. She decided to think that she was living more slowly and positively so that she could experience more.

So, Park Bo-young says that looking young is both an advantage and a disadvantage. Contrary to her concerns, she is loved by the public by acting in various works.

Park Bo-young is currently busy filming the Netflix drama “Morning Comes to the Psychiatric Ward,” based on a webtoon of the same name.

Park Bo-young plays the role of ‘Jung Da-eun’, a nurse who has been transferred from internal medicine to psychiatric medicine. It is gathering the expectations of many fans by starring famous actors such as Lee Jung-eun, Yeon Woo-jin, and Jang Dong-yoon.

Source: daum

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