G-Dragon gave an autumn gift to his sister

G-Dragon has revealed his affection for his older sister.

G-Dragon‘s elder sister Kwon Dami unveiled the current situation through her Instagram November 2.

The picture she uploaded was a regular maple leaf with caption “You’re the one who deserves to be loved”. She tagged an GD’s Instagram account with the hashtag “So Sweet”.

Her Instagram story contained more details.

“The romantic boy. It was lovely and cute. No man can be better than my brother. He said that he would give a gift and then put this into my hand.”

Kwon Dami is believed to have visited her brother, G-Dragon, who enlisted. G-Dragon seemed to want to give her an autumn present.

It is said that fans admired Kwon‘s sense. They said: “It looks really good between you and your sister” and “The leaves are as romantic as a bouquet”.

Source: Dispatch

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