BLACKPINK Lisa accidentally exposes herself to be on trip with Frédéric Arnault’s family? Netizens notice new detail from past deleted photo

Netizens spotted a new detail from Lisa’s deleted photo that may prove she is dating Frédéric Arnault. 

Rumors about BLACKPINK Lisa and Frédéric Arnault dating have been going around for more than a week, with new speculations emerging left and right. In light of the rumors, YG neither confirmed nor denied the rumor and only gave out a vague stance, stating they could not confirm Lisa’s dating status.

On August 14, netizens are buzzing with a photo that Lisa deleted after posting it on August 10. In the photo, fans noticed Frédéric Arnault’s family yacht from afar. 

lisa blackpink ig-
Lisa posted a photo on her Instagram story on August 10 but deleted it almost immediately after 
lisa blackpink ig
Netizens notice a yacht in the background is Frédéric Arnault’s family yacht 

According to multiple sources, Bernard Arnault’s sons usually take their girlfriends on their family’s annual family trip in August. Therefore, more fans believe, if Lisa is going on a trip with Frédéric Arnault, they must be dating.

This year, Frédéric Arnault’s younger brother also brought his girlfriend to the Arnault family trip. Fans spotted that the couple appeared at the same place where Lisa went on her vacation, according to the idol’s released pictures. 

Previously, Frédéric Arnault’s older brother and his wife, Geraldine Guyot-Arnault, actively commented on Lisa’s post and interacted with the ones related to her. This can be considered a sign of a good relationship between the Arnault family and the BLACKPINK main dancer.

lisa blackpink
Frédéric Arnault’s younger brother and his girlfriend allegedly went to the same place that Lisa recently went to during her vacation 
lisa blackpink ig
The girlfriend and wife of the other two Arnault sons happily interacted with Lisa on social media 

Source: twitter, naver 

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