Is it unfair for BTS’ J-Hope to not be in the center position, despite being the main dancer?

J-Hope is usually seen at the back of the group and rarely in the center, when the group performs the highlight point of the choreography.

These days, the phenomenon boy group BTS has been sweeping a variety of music charts as well as breaking many world records with their latest song “IDOL” from their repackage album Love Yourself: Answer. Meanwhile, the ARMYS are currently finding justice for their beloved member as they feel that J-Hope is somehow treated unfairly.

Specifically on this comeback, J-Hope has so little “land” to show his dance in the “IDOL” MV. BTS’ dancing machine does not stand in the center of the climax part, but was pushed to the side or back instead. In fact, it’s not the only time that this has happened. J-Hope rarely stands in the center and Jungkook or Jimin did almost every intense part of the choreography. This seems to be unreasonable because normally, the main dancer will take the lead in those parts. From here, many people are wondering whether J-Hope is being treated unfairly.

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J-Hope is not the center member in the choreography of “IDOL”…
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… and almost every other song that BTS has released
… and almost every other song that BTS has released
… and almost every other song that BTS has released

In addition, aside from being the main dancer, J-Hope is also in charge of choreographing the whole group. Whether it’s practicing or performing on stage, the dancing machine of BTS is always in the background to maintain the team and observes, as well as corrects the members. Of course, if you’re in the center front, you can’t do that easily. Therefore, J-Hope is also known as the “second leader” of BTS.

Another proof that J-Hope is not really mistreated by Big Hit is that he even has the company’s favor to let him release his MV and solo album. Not only that, but J-Hope’s dancing skills are also reflected in many other impressive stages as well.

Sources: k14

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