NMIXX’s Sullyoon aka the most viral rookie female idol in Korea right now: Natural beauty, potentially 4th gen’s top visual, passed Big3 auditions, and more 

What is it about NMIXX’s Sullyoon that makes Korean fans in love with her?

Less than two weeks into their debut, NMIXX is still taking the spotlight. Although the reactions to the debut of JYP’s new girl group have been mixed, their impact is undeniably solid. NMIXX members have entered various trending topics on social media thanks to their visuals, talents and charm. Among them, the most viral member who has been taking Korean online communities by storm lately, is definitely Sullyoon.

Sullyoon became the pick of Korean fans as soon as she was introduced. Online posts and comments praising her gorgeous appearance are everywhere. Many Korean netizens have already added Sullyoon into the list of 4th generation’s top visuals. But visuals are not the only charming thing about Sullyoon. Let’s find out more about Sullyoon and you’ll understand why Korean fans are so crazy about her! 

Sullyoon – The most talked about female rookie idol in Korea right now

Natural beauty since childhood 

Sullyoon‘s real name is Seol Yoon Ah, born on January 26, 2004 in Daejeon, Korea. Since she was a kid, her beauty has already stood out with big round eyes and double eyelids, a tall and defined nose. Over time, as she matures, Sullyoon’s facial features become even more stunning. She also has an impressive height of 1m67.

Sullyoon’s viral childhood photo

Sullyoon often engaged in extracurricular activities. As revealed by her friends, Sullyoon is friendly, kind, hardworking and her achievements in school are no joke. She used to be the student council president in elementary school, a class president in high school and a member of the dance club. She was popular among other students at her school. Currently, in parallel with her idol activities with NMIXX, Sullyoon is studying at the famous Hanlim Arts High School. A classmate of Sullyoon shared that she never left the class’s KakaoTalk group despite her debut. When receiving congratulatory messages from friends, Sullyoon replied that she was really thankful.

Almost debuted in a small agency girl group 

In 2017, when she was 13, Sullyoon was scouted by Woollim Entertainment and became a trainee there. She was supposed to debut in Rocket Punch. But she ended up leaving Woollim. Many netizens are thankful for her departure from Woollim because if Sullyoon debuted under a small company instead of JYP, she would not have gained much attention like now. 

Rocket Punch
If she debuted in Rocket Punch, it would be more difficult for Sullyoon to be noticed by the public 

Passed all Big 3 auditions but chose JYP 

After leaving Woollim, in 2020, Sullyoon passed the auditions of different well-known entertainment agencies including SM, YG, JYP, The Black Label and Fantagio Entertainment. There was a trending discussion among Korean netizens that Sullyoon should have not picked JYP, because if she entered YG, she could achieve global success like BLACKPINK, or if she became a SM trainee, she may have made it into the lineup of aespa

However, with the debut of aespa by SM in 2020, no one knows when their next girl group would be launched. Sullyoon‘s chances of debuting at YG are considerably lower because their concept doesn’t suit her. After weighing all of the advantages and disadvantages, JYP remains the best option for her. Sullyoon was reportedly chosen in a secret audition by JYP. Sullyoon, a trainee, was unknown to fans until JYP unexpectedly introduced her in the NMIXX debut lineup. She is the “hidden ace” that JYP decided to “hide” till the very end!

Many big guys are interested in her talents but in the end, Sullyoon chose JYP as her last destination

She was loved by the audience right after her debut thanks to her top visual

When considering Sullyoon‘s current success with NMIXX, it’s evident that she made the right decision. Sullyoon‘s stunning photos are already causing fans to “fall in love” with her. On NMIXX‘s stages, however, Sullyoon wowed everyone with her charming expression, excellent dancing, and solid vocal skills.

Sullyoon’s (NMIXX) fancam is causing a “storm” on Youtube and other SNS platforms

Sullyoon‘s charming Korean-style face is enough to win her fans’ hearts.  She was not only stunning, but also extremely talented. Sullyoon‘s fancam series always earned the most views among members of the group after NMIXX‘s promotion, as well as received the most explosive reactions from netizens.

Sullyoon has gotten off to a great start with the explosive effect she’s making right now, paving the way for a bright future career path. However, whether she will continue to shine her best or sadly fall into the early blooming scene in the near future is highly dependent on JYP‘s ideas and development orientation.

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