BLACKPINK’s Jisoo Opens Personal Label “BLISSOO”, Following Jennie and Lisa

Following Jennie and Lisa, Jisoo has unveiled the personal label “BLISSOO”, which will be in charge of her individual activities.

On February 21, the website for BLACKPINK’s Jisoo’s personal label, BLISSOO, was opened. 

According to the website, BLISSOO “houses the alluring artist Jisoo in a special place like a gift box containing Jisoo’s absolute happiness”, while Jisoo “wants to give happiness and joy to her fans with diverse appearances and endless charms”. 

jisoo blackpink-blissoo

“We hope that every moment you spend with Jisoo at BLISSOO will be a special and meaningful experience”, the label also wrote. 

On the evening of the same day, BLISSOO said to the media, “We’ve opened our official website and SNS channels today. We will provide a place for Jisoo’s active communication with fans”, adding “We will bring the positive energy and colorful moments of Jisoo to you through diverse activities that are not limited to just one field”.

The opening of BLISSOO has confirmed previous rumors that Jisoo will set up a personal label for individual activities. However, whether or not BLISSOO is associated with Jisoo’s older brother’s company, Biomom, remains to be confirmed. 

On the other hand, Jisoo is the 3rd member of BLACKPINK to open a personal label. It is known that Jennie has established ODD ATELIER, while Lisa announced her own company LLOUD. So far, Rosé is the only member who has yet to announce her current agency for individual schedules. 

Attention is focused on the future moves that Jisoo will showcase in her upcoming full-fledged solo activities.

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