BLACKPINK’s Jisoo to Hold a Fan-con? Company’s Website Crashed Right After Reveal

The revelation of BLACKPINK’s Jisoo’s new personal label and talks of an upcoming solo fan-con have been drawing attention. 

On the morning of February 21, BLACKPINK’s Jisoo officially announced the establishment of her personal label named BLISSOO. This makes Jisoo the 3rd member of BLACKPINK to introduce a personal label, following Jennie and Lisa, leading to her fans buzzing with excitement. 

On top of this, news of Jisoo holding a fan-con in Indonesia also emerged, drawing massive attention.

jisoo blackpink
Jisoo recently introduced her personal label, BLISSOO.

Specifically, Ananda Gusti Farier – Founder and CEO of Jakartakonser & Kpopconcert Indonesia, left a comment saying, “Hello Sooyaa, hope to meet you soon.” Meanwhile, Felix – an investor/sponsor of K-drama & Kpop in Indonesia, left the words “Stay tuned” when sharing a fan’s tweet about their desire for Jisoo to hold a fan-con.

A fan-con is a term that combines “fan-meeting” and “concert”. Here, artists interact, play games with fans, and also deliver special performances. The “hints” from these two influential figures have led fans to speculate that the BLACKPINK member will actually organize an event in Indonesia.

However, this is currently just a rumor, and fans are still waiting for official information from Jisoo.

jisoo blackpink
Rumors have that Jisoo will hold a fan-con in Indonesia 
jisoo blackpink
Ananda Gusti Farier – Founder and CEO of Jakartakonser & Kpopconcert id left a comment about hoping to see Jisoo
jisoo blackpink
Felix – an investor/sponsor of K-drama & Kpop in Indonesia wrote the caption “stay tuned” to a post about Jisoo’s fan-con

Prior to this, immediately after announcing the establishment of the company, Blissoo’s official website crashed within moments due to overwhelming traffic. The website is known to have used extremely heart-warming words to address Jisoo and fans. 

On the other hand, fans couldn’t help but feel proud of Jisoo’s array of achievements and awards as a solo artist and actress.

jisoo blackpink
Blissoo’s website crashed immediately after the reveal

Source: K14

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