Park Gyuri (former Kara’s member) broke up with her third-generation chaebol boyfriend after 2 years of dating

According to a report by Spotv News, today, Park Gyuri recently broke up with her chaebol boyfriend Song Ja-ho, who was seven years younger than her.

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It is reported that the two naturally separated from each other due to their busy schedules. The two have been dating for about two years since 2019 and returned to be friends after their breakup.

Song Ja Ho is the eldest son of Song Seung Heon, former chairman of Dongwon Construction, and works as an art curator. He hosted the Jon Burgerman exhibition held at the M Contemporary Art Center in Seoul in 2019. Park Gyuri and Song Ja Ho started to get to know each other and after that, become lovers when the former KARA‘s member visited the exhibition.

The two performed good deeds together by donating masks to overcome the new coronavirus infection (COVID-19). With the help of Song Ja Ho, Park Gyuri has had the chance to become the curator of ‘Lim Ha Ryong and Han Sang Yoon’s Picture Party’ in December last year. Their separation has now become the center of attention of Korea media.

Song Ja Ho was found to have drunk driving in July 2021. Suspicions arose that he drove backwards on the road along with drunk driving, caused a hit-and-run accident but he repeatedly explained through his legal representative, “It is absolutely not true.”

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Park Gyu Ri debuted as a child actress in the section “Downpour” in MBC’s “Today is a Good Day” in 1995, and debuted as a member of KARA in 2007 and gain well-known popularity in Korea and Japan. In addition to being a singer, she continues her acting activities with the drama ‘Mugunghwa Flower Bloomed’, and is currently appearing in the musical ‘I Love You’.

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