“Diet is destiny”..The secret to the girl group ‘Hot Body’? 

The result of a hot body is usually owing to a strict diet and intense exercise regime. 

Every year, when it comes to holidays, there is a recurring problem. Usually, the fascination for braised short ribs (galbi-jjim), pan-fried pancakes (jeon), and stir-fried starch noodles (japchae) pushes the worries about weight to after the holidays. 

However, girl group members are extra mindful of their diet and often share with the public the secrets to managing their body through broadcasting and social media. While it is important to eat less, the effort to create posture and build muscles through exercise is no less crucial. 

IVE’s Jang Won-young, the secret to her proportion is aerial yoga

Since their debut in December of last year, Jang Won-young, a member of IVE who has been called by fans as the “representative of 4th generation girl group”, with consecutive hits since their debut including “’ELEVEN”, “LOVE DIVE”, and “After LIKE”, is famous for her golden ratio. The 173-cm tall idol who boasts long legs shares the secret to managing her body in aerial yoga, a form of exercise using a suspended hammock from the ceiling. Aerial yoga is known to be effective in correcting posture, strengthening muscles, and swelling of the lower body.

In January, Jang Won-young drew attention by posting a picture of her doing flying yoga along with the caption, “I love the time when I can fully focus on myself” on her SNS. Wonyoung comfortably wrapped her arms and legs around the hammock, even with difficult movements. The sleek body and exceptional flexibility that could be seen in leggings fashion caught attention.

BLACKPINK’s Rosé, ‘super slim body’ with Pilates

BLACKPINK took the top spot on the US Billboard Global 200 chart with the pre-released song ‘Pink Venom’ on the 19th of last month and raised expectations for the 2nd regular album ‘BORN PINK’ scheduled to be released on September 16th. The group’s member Rosé is no less impressive with a typically slender body. Earning her the nickname “Human Saint Laurent” as she makes any clothes adapt to her own style. She shares her secret to managing her body through Pilates, an effective form of exercise to strengthen muscle strength, improve flexibility, and rehabilitation.

Rosé drew attention by revealing Pilates in BLACKPINK’s exclusive reality show “BLACKPINK House”. Having said that she likes spicy and stimulating food, the singer started to take care of her body by doing Pilates using a gym ball and other equipment. Rosé also pointed out the advantage of doing Pilates was that she could maintain a slender body through steady exercise even during the hiatus, and gain the stamina to dance and sing for hours on stage.

GFRIEND-turned-Yuju, “High-quality pole dance” that makes you lose your mind

Yu-ju, a former girl group girlfriend who worked from 2015 to 2021, revealed her high-level pole dance techniques through various broadcasts and SNS. The released photo shows Yu-ju wearing a white costume showing her waist and lean body by hanging from a pole with both arms. In addition, she boasts her beautiful appearance by taking a high-level aerial walk with elegant gestures.

Pole dance is known to have a high diet effect in a short period of time as a full-body exercise that combines aerobic and anaerobic exercise. Yuju showed pole dance in the music video of the title song “MAGO” of GFRIEND’s third full-length album “Walpurgis Night”, and said, “The pole dance sports looked fancy and pretty, but they needed great strength and effort to perform”. “I wanted to express the confidence and beauty that came out of it”, she expressed her affection for pole dancing.

MAMAMOO Solar’s “Hot Body” completed with a diet + sit-ups

Solar, a member of the four-member girl group MAMAMOO, called “Trustworthy MAMAMOO” for her extraordinary stage manners and impeccable vocal skills, helped bring about the body profile shooting craze last year. Solar said she managed her body through diet and home training. Along with a thorough diet regime, the singer is investing in exercise three hours a day and is constantly striving for self-management.

Solar revealed her diet and exercise routine on her YouTube channel “Solarsido”. Starting the morning with half an apple, her diet consisted mainly of protein and vegetables such as sweet pumpkin, tofu, raw carrots, lettuce wraps, and almond milk. In addition, she also took seven kinds of nutritional supplements, including probiotics and vitamins. In addition, Solar impressed the viewers by being committed to working out for as long as three hours in home training, performing 1.000 sit-ups to build abs and running in place, an aerobic exercise.

Staying hungry for 16 hours”…Girls’ Generation’s Hyoyeon lost 9kg due to intermittent fasting

Hyoyeon of Girls’ Generation said in January that she succeeded in losing 9kg thanks to intermittent fasting prior  to GOT the Beat’s activities, a group formed through gathering female artists from SM Entertainment. Appearing on a radio program at the time, she explained the reason she went on a diet was that “I don’t care if I’m chubby because I’m promoting solo. But during [activities for] GOT the Beat, my fellow members were too slender”.

Hyoyeon said she started intermittent fasting with Seohyun, a fellow member of Girls’ Generation. Intermittent fasting is a diet method that limits glucose intake and uses fat stored in the body as an energy source to lose weight.

Hyo-yeon said, “I saw Seohyun fasting intermittently, and it was very effective,” and added, “I was satisfied because I kept my hunger for 16 hours and ate everything I wanted to eat for the rest of the day”. “Maybe it’s because my body has been adjusted, but it’s good that I don’t gain weight easily”, Hyoyeon added.

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