“At music shows, ISAC….” Ex-Lovelyz Jin sparked controversy after revealing the truth about idol dating (+apology)

Jin, a former member, apologized for causing a stir after disclosing secrets about idols’ romantic relationships.

On February 4th, former Lovelyz member Jin uploaded a video titled, “Can I reveal everything in this way? Q&A about idol life”, on her Youtube channel “Myungnee”.

Jin began the video by honestly confessing, “Most of the questions I received were about idols’ dating issues”.


She then read a fan’s question, which asked “Do idols often date secretly? It is known that dating is banned for trainees and active idols, so what if they get caught?”. 

In response, Jin said, “No matter how busy they are and how difficult the situation is for dating, idols can still date secretly. In the case of idols who have debuted for a few years and gained some experience, their companies don’t restrain them from dating anymore unless significant accidents arise.”


She added, “Agencies will only remind idols lightly, like ‘Be careful not to get caught’.”

However, Jin emphasized that the situation is different for trainees who have not yet debuted. According to her story, if a trainee gets caught dating, they would be eliminated and expelled from the company right away.

When asked, “Do idols date by making eye contact in the waiting rooms at music shows?”, Jin said, “Come to think of it, idols really interact through promotions on music shows quite often.”

She continued, “The idol world is really small. They know each other easily. Many idols get to know each other through acquaintances’ introductions.”

Jin also mentioned “Idol Star Athletics Championship (ISAC)”, a program that gathers many idols to play sports, as a place where romantic relationships start. She said, “That’s right. That’s where many idols begin dating. They exchange eye contact and notes with phone numbers.”

Lovelyz Jin

After the video was released, fans of active idols poured out criticism toward Jin, saying she is generalizing all idols. Some believe that Jin was trying to gain views and attention by mentioning a sensitive topic about idols, while others point out that Jin’s remarks might cause misunderstandings.

As a result, Jin deleted the video and released her apology, saying “I was so thoughtless. It was obviously my mistake that created room for misinterpretation. I’m sorry for causing a stir”.

Source: Insight

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