Famous celebrity A’s affair? “I can’t even see my son”

A man who claims to have been damaged by a famous celebrity’s affair appeared.

On the afternoon of Jan 9th, YouTuber Lee Jin Ho uploaded a video titled “Tears of a head of household in his 40s… The private life of famous celebrity A“.

idol A

The video showed a man claiming to have been damaged by the private life of famous celebrity A, who was an idol. This man said, “He used to be a top star and idol. Why? Why does he contact a married woman?” He then revealed KakaoTalk messages that A sent to his wife.

idol A

The man shared, “They keep sending KakaoTalk messages and calling each other every day. They drink and take each other home.

He continued, “When I asked later, (my wife) said they had been dating for a while before our marriage. But A knows (my wife) is a married woman. Because my wife’s KakaoTalk profile picture has my son’s face. There are my photos, too. Even after seeing them all, A approached my wife intentionally and they met regularly. He sent messages such as ‘Let’s drink’, ‘Let’s meet each other often’ and ‘I was happy to be with you’. I was so shocked.

idol A

He added, “My family was destroyed because of this. My wife took our son to her parents’ house. It’s been several months since I last saw my son.

During this process, the contents of the KakaoTalk messages sent by the wife to her husband were also disclosed.

After the release of the video, comments mixed with criticism towards A as well as comments wondering and speculating about A’s identity are pouring out.

Source: Nate

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