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Shin Dong-yeop On New Netflix Culture Show, “German And Dutch Sex Culture Is Not Just Scary But Horror”

Comedian Shin Dong-yeop said he was shocked by European sex culture.

“Before I left for Germany and the Netherlands, I was a little scared and curious,” Shin said at an online press conference for Netflix’s new show “Risque Business: The Netherlands & Germany” on the afternoon of February 20th. “When I went there and encountered it in person, it exceeded the word “scary” and came as a horror.”

Shin Dong-yeop

“A little later, as I listened to the explanation, I felt, ‘How can the cultures be this different?’ I felt that it was different in Japan and Taiwan, but Europe was another level. After acknowledging the difference, it was so much fun and it became a good time to listen to their culture and history,” he confessed.

“Risque Business” is a new talk show where Shin Dong-yeop and Sung Si-kyung explore gender and figures in the adult culture industry, which was an unknown world to Koreans. “Risque Business,” which dealt with sex stories from Eastern cultures such as Japan and Taiwan in the previous series, has shifted its focus to Dutch and German sex cultures in Europe.

Meanwhile, “Risqué Business” was released on Netflix at 8 p.m. on the 20th.

Source: Sports Seoul

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