BLACKPINK Jennie looks in the mirror and says “I wanna cry” (Jennie in Tokyo – Part 2)

BLACKPINK Jennie shared her daily life in Japan

On Sep 8th, Jennie released a video titled “Jennie in Tokyo – Part 2” through her YouTube channel “Jennierubyjane Official”.

In the video, Jennie was getting her makeup done to participate in the Chanel show. Jennie pointed to her curly hair and said, “What if I make another Chapagetti? This is Chapagetti, right?

While taking pictures, Jennie pointed to a corn-shaped accessory, exclaiming, “Director! What’s that on the bottom of your phone? It looks like a real corn.“ Jennie then circled around once, saying, “I’m going for the raincoat girl look today. The concept is ‘Jelly’. Whether I will look like a jelly… Check it out at the show!

BLACKPINK Jennie shared her daily life in Japan

Jennie, who finished the show perfectly, changed her makeup and hairstyle for the after-party. Jennie smiled shyly and said, “You can’t really tell the look like this, right? Check it out on stage later! I’m always announcing like that.”

BLACKPINK Jennie shared her daily life in Japan

Jennie was full of charisma on stage. After finishing her spectacular solo performance, Jennie enjoyed the after-party with model Shin Hyun Ji, known as her close friend.

BLACKPINK Jennie shared her daily life in Japan

The next morning, Jennie looked at her face in the mirror, saying, “I wanna cry.” The reason is that she does not like her hairstyle. Jennie took off all of her braided hair, lamenting, “It’s too long… I give up!” Shin Hyun Ji asked, “No, it’s fine! Why?“ Jennie looked disappointed, replying, “It got all messy from trying to tie it.

Jennie, who had a good time with Shin Hyun Ji, came to eat with her. The two exuded loveliness through the way they were into corn. Jennie exclaimed, “Oh gosh, this corn is so delicious. What should I do?” When another bowl of corn arrived, she clapped and loved it. She kept admiring the taste of corn, “It’s actually so delicious. We have to order it again right away.”

BLACKPINK Jennie shared her daily life in Japan

The next day, Jennie greeted the camera together with Shin Hyun Ji, “We’re in the cab to go eat Abura Soba. We couldn’t resist the hunger after sleeping, so we’re heading out to eat Abura Soba.” After completing ordering, the two said, “We could order thanks to a Korean lady in the restaurant.

Jennie said, “Oh, the angle isn’t bad! I think I’m a panda. I like Bamboo sprouts. The reason why I eat Abura Soba is because the bamboo sprouts are yummy. I’ll do a bamboo sprout mukbang.” After eating bamboo sprouts, she told Shin Hyun Ji, “I think I could have another bowl after this.” Shin Hyun Ji joined the meal, saying, “I don’t expect much, but I’ll still expect something.” After the meal, the two ended the video with satisfaction, “There’s fun in visiting a local store.”

Source: My Daily

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