K-netizens comment on “NCT Mark mentioning G-Dragon”

NCT Mark mentioned G-Dragon several times recently

While talking to a fan during an online fansign, Mark said, “G-Dragon is a role model for all male idols.” Besides, on Eric Nam’s “Daebak Show”, Mark chose G-Dragon as a member for his Kpop super group. He even cutely asked, “Should I not be crossing my legs when I say G-Dragon’s name?

The Pann article regarding this became a hot topic with nearly 40,000 views as of the afternoon of Oct 21st. Below are some comments from Korean netizens.

– It’s so cute that he asks if he can cross his legs while talking about GD ㅋㅋㅋ Mark Lee…

– GD is really a celebrity of celebrities

– People talk about ambassadors and things like that these days. GD is great. He opened the door (for other idols in this area)

– What’s great about GD is his influence and persistence. GD is still GD, living legend

– Cute!!! I’m imagining the elementary schooler Mark listening to GD’s songs

Source: Pann

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