Fans Touched by Min Hee Jin’s Instagram Update in Light of NewJeans Facing Malicious Comments 

CEO Min Hee Jin of ADOR, NewJeans’ agency, decided to make a subtle statement

NewJeans members recently found themselves on the receiving end of malicious comments during a live broadcast. Seeing the comments, Hyein, who is still a minor, looked visibly hurt. Minji then captured screenshots of all the negative comments.

Minji Hyein

In the aftermath of the incident, ADOR’s CEO Min Hee Jin, NewJeans’ “mother”, shared a fanart on her Instagram story that drew fans’ attention. In the drawing, five cute animals symbolizing the NewJeans members are seen in front of a huge bunny, clad in armor, shielding them from incoming arrows. 


The armored bunny is a representation of NewJeans’ fans, as the group’s official fandom name is Bunnies. It seems that Min Hee Jin is also aware of the recent incident and implying that she will always be protecting NewJeans members. 

Netizens commented: 

  • Min Hee Jin genuinely treats NewJeans like her own daughters. Let’s make sure the babies are taken care of.
  • Thank you ADOR and CEO Min Hee Jin 
  • This warms my heart. It’s evident that she takes good care of them.
  • It’s touching to see her love for the members.

Source: KB

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