LE SSERAFIM Sakura Was Invited to Louis Vuitton Fashion Show But Couldn’t Attend? Fans Outraged 

Fans of LE SSERAFIM Sakura are expressing their anger over the way her company has been treating the idol. 

Recently, fans have been in uproar over LE SSERAFIM Sakura’s inability to attend the Louis Vuitton fashion show in Paris. In the latest Fim-log, Sakura revealed that she received an invitation to the event, which took place in March. However, due to scheduling conflicts, she was unable to participate.

The Louis Vuitton fashion show would have been a remarkable opportunity for Sakura to broaden her horizons and gain valuable experience in the fashion industry. Missing out on such a prominent event has left many fans feeling disappointed, questioning the company’s management of Sakura’s career.

Adding fuel to the fire, it is known that Sakura missed the fashion show to film ‘Leniverse,’ LE SSERAFIM YouTube content. Some fans feel that Sakura’s absence from the fashion show could have been avoided with proper planning from the company.

In an attempt to address their concerns and seek justice for Sakura, Sakura’s Chinese fanbase SAKURABAR has taken matters into their own hands. After tirelessly trending hashtags throughout the night, their efforts went unnoticed by the company, leaving them with no choice but to take further action. SAKURABAR has decided to establish a fund aimed at advocating for Sakura’s rights and fair treatment. Astonishingly, the fund has already amassed an impressive amount of $5112.

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