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Lee Hyo-ri Hopes Juniors Like BLACKPINK’s Jennie And NewJeans Stop Wearing Revealing Clothes

Lee Hyo-ri had advice for her juniors on the latest episode of "Lee Hyo-ri's Red Carpet."

Um Jung-hwa recently appeared as a guest in the latest episode of KBS2TV’s “The Seasons-Lee Hyo-ri’s Red Carpet,” which aired on February 23rd.

In this episode, Uhm Jung-hwa had a captivating performance with her hit song “Invitation.” After the performance, Lee gave her a hug, saying, “Welcome,” adding, “I will call you sunbae (senior) today.”

Lee Hyo-ri

The two veteran singers later recalled their debut days by watching a past video. After that, Uhm Jung-hwa laughed, saying, “Wasn’t I so pretty?” and Lee Hyo-ri said, “We’re so pretty, we’re so cute,” and “We were completely babies when we were young.”

Then Lee Hyo-ri recalled the past, saying, “At that time, your panties and see-through outfits became a hot topic,” Uhm Jung-hwa said, “It was a mess after I came down from the stage. There were many controversies, so there were no good words when the server was down.”

In response, Lee Hyo-ri said, “But after that, the juniors wore (shocking costumes) one after another, and I was so grateful that you did it first,” adding, “Please continue to do it.” When Uhm Jung-hwa said, “I can’t wear them anymore,” Lee Hyo-ri also agreed, saying, “We can’t wear them anymore, it’s not like the past.”

In addition, Lee Hyo-ri said, “I like Jennie and NewJeans, I don’t want them to wear anything exposed,” adding, “Now I want them to cover themselves because I love them, because I have been through it.”

Source: OSEN

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