“The Heirs Kim Woo-bin’s mother” Choi Ji-na “10-year ban on appearances on MBC, departure from ‘Country Diaries'”

Episode 60 of tvN STORY’s “The President’s People” revolves around a special day as the rural village comes together for a fall harvest

After the harvest, Choi Ji-na, known for her role as Lee Yul (Do Kyung-soo)‘s mother in the 2018 tvN drama “100 Days My Prince”, makes her first television appearance after 5 years, adding excitement.

The arrival of Im Ho’s “first love” Choi Ji-na marks the beginning of a challenging time for Im Ho, caught in a peculiar emotional conflict between his “wife” Jo Ha-na and his “first love” Choi Ji-na, providing viewers with an entertaining and suspenseful situation. It is known that Im Ho played Geum-dong, Jo Ha-na played Geum-dong’s wife and Choi Ji-na played Geum-dong’s first love in “Country Diaries”.

Guests Cha Kwang-soo, Kang Hyun-jong and Choi Ji-na share their current situations in the gathering.

Choi Ji-na shares behind-the-scenes stories from her participation in the drama “The Heirs”, including a cute incident when her son’s daycare teachers mistook her for Kim Woo-bin’s mother. She also plans to reveal the behind-the-scenes of her departure from “Country Diaries”, including a 10-year ban on appearances from M Headquarters due to a mistake during her early days in the broadcast station system.

Episode 60 of “The President’s People” will air on tvN STORY at 8:20 pm on Dec 4th.

Source: Daum

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