American media calls BTS “The new King of Pop” after the opening show for their world tour!

The American media is giving the best compliment to “BTS World Tour: Speak Yourself” after the opening night at Rose Bowl.

BTS has successfully finished the opening concert for their world tour “BTS World Your: Speak Yourself”. Despite the rumor saying that their ticket wasn’t selling well right before the show, the concert is still showered with compliments from the American media which once again affirms the influence of the Big Hit boys.

Specifically, the opening night was performed in front of more than 60.000 audiences at the legendary stadium Rose Bowl. This number is currently the biggest of their career which surpasses the old record at the Olympic Seoul Stadium (90.000 audiences for 2 nights with 45.000 each night) for the “BTS World Tour: Love Yourself).

An enormous crowd with more than 60.000 people.

Needless to say, Rose Bowl Stadium is a very famous venue is America, not just for its huge capacity (100.000 seats for a sport event, and 50.000 – 70.000 for concerts), Rose Bowl is also known to be a historic venue. This is where Michael Jackson had brought the legendary Superbowl Halftime Show in 1993, and the venue for the Summer Olympics 1932. This stadium has also welcomed many legendary names of the music world: U2, The Rolling Stones, Green Day, Coldplay, Beyoncé, Jay-Z, Ed Sheeran, Taylor Swift,…and today, BTS!

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The magnificent scene at “BTS World Tour: Speak Yourself” at Rose Bowl.

Billboard has written: “If there was any doubt that BTS could conquer a major U.S. stadium, that was quickly put to rest when group member Jungkook, suspended by a cable, soared over 60,000 fans at the Rose Bowl on Saturday (May 4) to the uplifting anthem “Euphoria”.”

Variety was in awe with the stage design: “There were fireworks, giant holographic hearts and a sea of fan-held glowing light sticks, swaying in time to the music throughout the night. And each member — RM, Jin, Suga, J-Hope, Jimin, V and Jungkook — got a turn to shine in solos designed to highlight their individuality.”

Los Angeles Times complimented: “BTS, the new kings of pop, conquer a deafening, sold-out Rose Bowl.”

A magnificent opening with “Dionysus”.

After this opening show, the guys from Big Hit will continue with their 2 night at the same venue, followed by 2 big cities of the U.S (Chicago and East Rutherford with 2 stadium nights at each city). Leaving North America, they will travel to South America for 2 concerts in Brazil before returning to Japan with 4 stadium-scale nights. With all the tickets sold out or very rare to find, if you want to be a part of the crowd at the “BTS World Tour: Speak Youself”, hurry up!

One more thing that need to be confirmed: the rumor about BTS’s tickets don’t sell well in Europe and North America is false, and the remaining tickets the audience found on the website are actually adding tickets due to the audience’s demand.

Source: Kenh14

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