Who has the perfect photo wall fashion? Best “Moon Ga Young” vs Worst “Son Na Eun”

Let’s take a look at actresses’ photo wall fashion when attending press conferences.

Thumbs up!

Moon Ga Young showed off her perfect body and chic look in a mini dress with beautiful silhouette. Her costume is a dress with fine wrinkles that extend from the bottom of the chest. Thanks to the overall tight fit, it is a feminine look that emphasizes Moon Ga Young’s feminine silhouette, so it goes well with her elegant vibe. On top of that, Moon Ga Young completed her mature atmosphere by choosing black from shoes, dress to stockings, and added points with splendid drop-shaped earrings.


You are pretty!

Lee Da Hee‘s look with a deep-cut neckline reminds us of a sexy atmosphere. As Lee Da Hee is a master of simple yet sophisticated coordination, her sense of urban fashion stands out at this official event. The mini dress, which boldly reveals Lee Da Hee’s body shape, was able to avoid a monotonous mood by adding corset details. It is also impressive to add a unique atmosphere by matching earrings reminiscent of clothing pins with chic pumps.

Lee Da-hee


Geum Sae Rok created a lovely atmosphere with a balloon-shaped dress that stands out for its simplicity. In particular, this look is characterized by adding calmness with black. However, it is regrettable that a boring feeling is created because there are no special points in the costume and accessories. What if she added glamor with a bracelet or a bolder necklace?

Geum Sae Rok

Who was your stylist?

Lee Bo Young showed off a trendy look with a bold set-up. Lee Bo Young, who matched a cropped jacket with a slit skirt to create a contrasting atmosphere, completed a “strong character” mood that is contrary to the feminine look she has shown so far. Although she chose an all-black look reminiscent of an intense atmosphere, ambiguous details such as over-knee high boots, which gave off a too-feminine feeling compared to her outfit, aroused regret.

Lee Bo-young

Thumbs down

Son Na Eun‘s styling made people doubt their eyes. From the sleeveless top to the flower-patterned skirt, they create an abstruse feeling. It is regrettable that it would have been better if she had chosen simplicity rather than splashing out with excessive items.

son na eun

Source: Naver

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