Son Na Eun’s image drastically changed after losing weight

Actress Son Na Eun succeeded in transforming her image as she returned with a more mature and intelligent concept.

On Jan 5th, an online production presentation for JTBC’s new weekend drama “Agency” was held. Director Lee Chang Min, actors Lee Bo Young, Cho Sung Ha, Son Na Eun, Han Joon Woo and Jeon Hye Jin attended the event.

son na eun

Son Na Eun, who played the role of Kang Han Na, the youngest daughter of VC Group, drew attention with her extraordinary visuals.

As she debuted at a very young age, there are many viewers who still remember her as the young teenager with chubby cheeks. However, Son Na Eun appeared at the event that day with a slim figure, surprising everyone. Her slim body and V-line face shape created an intelligent image.

son na eun

Netizens are surprised to see Son Na Eun’s changed appearance, saying, “She’s getting prettier,” “I didn’t recognize her at first,” “I wouldn’t know who she is if no one says anything because she looks so different from before,” and “She’s definitely an actress now.”

On this day, Son Na Eun said, “There were many things I didn’t know when I first saw the script, and there were many new things I learned from it. The more I knew, the more I was curious. Han Na’s character is very attractive, so I wanted to express her in a fun way. I think this is a good opportunity for me because I could show you a different side from what I’ve done so far.” She introduced her character, saying, “She has more unique charms than all the characters I have played so far.”

son na eun

I am participating in every new work with a mindset that I should show better and better growth. I hope you like my new side this time. Please love Han Na and Son Na Eun a lot,” she added.

“Agency” is Son Na Eun’s first appearance since leaving Apink in April last year and moving to YG Entertainment to promote as an actress.


After she left Apink, Son Na Eun was surrounded by rumors of discord with her group members. However, when Apink made a comeback after her withdrawal, Son Na Eun dismissed rumors of discord by saying, “It’s a shame that we can’t be together for this activity, but please love the album that the members worked so hard on and support them.” It is said that the Apink members are still continuing their strong friendship.

Source: Insight

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