BLACKPINK Jennie and Lee Jung-jae’s unexpected relationship: “Jennie’s mom is a big fan of Lee Jung-jae”

“Entertainment company Live” surprised everyone by revealing the relationship between actor Lee Jung-jae and BLACKPINK Jennie.

The broadcast of KBS 2TV’s “Entertainment company Live” aired on the evening of November 12th talked about the chart of ‘TOP 5 unexpected relationships among famous stars’. During the broadcast, the hidden relationship of Lee Jung-jae and Jennie was introduced, drawing keen attention. Lee Jung-jae played the role of a reserved bodyguard Baek Jae-hee in the famous drama “Sandglass” in 1995.

lee jung jae

It is said that Jennie’s mom was a big fan of Lee Jung-jae, and she even intended to name her child “Jaehee” if she gave birth to a son. Then a pretty daughter was born. Jennie’s mom decided to name her daughter “Jennie”, which has a similar pronunciation to “Jaehee”.

jennie lee jung jae
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