First virtual idols to be caught in a dating controversy: SUPERKIND Seung was suspected to be dating MAVE: Zena 

SUPERKIND Seung’s ambiguous reactions to rumors with MAVE: Zena raised suspicion of an ongoing relationship.

Recently, a video of SUPERKIND’s AI member Seung was posted on their official Tiktok with the title: “Seung’s Reply to Scandal Rumors” where he responded to the rumors on social media. 

In the video, various rumors were gathered and delivered to Seung in order for the member to show his reaction. Specifically, Seung showed his interest when he came across rumors concerning the other virtual girl group, MAVE:. However, he also did not forget to remind fans to “take it easy” when they were being overprotective and said, “Oppa, don’t look at other girls.” 


Onto the last question, when he came across the rumor that said: “MAVE: Zena will treat him dinner instead,” the singer appeared flustered and acted shyly instead of verbally expressing his stance on the matter. The ambiguous reaction showed that there might be something going on between the AI singers and fans expect to learn more about it. 

SUPERKIND is a boy group under Deep Studio Entertainment, currently consisting of 7 members. The group will consist of 5 real people (PRIDs) and 5 AIs (NUKEs). SUPERKIND debuted in 2022 with the single “Watch Out.”

MAVE: is a 4-member virtual girl group under Metaverse Entertainment. They debuted in January 2023 with the single album “PANDORA’S BOX.”

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