“Reborn Rich” Park Ji Hyun weighed nearly 80kg as a wrestler in the past?

Actress Park Ji Hyun’s past as a wrestler was revealed on an online community, drawing attention.

Park Ji Hyun is appearing as Mo Hyun Min, the only daughter of Hyunsung Ilbo’s owner, in JTBC’s “Reborn Rich“. She occupies the spotlight more than Shin Hyun Bin, who plays Seo Min Young, Jin Do Joon (Song Joong Ki)’s girlfriend.

park ji hyun

However, unlike her skinny body and chic appearance, she is known to have been active as a wrestler in the past, giving a fresh shock. According to posts and photos uploaded on an entertainment community, Park Ji Hyun was a female wrestler from elementary school until the first year of high school. She weighed 78kg at that time.

Park Ji-hyun instagram

In addition, she was promising enough to win the women’s middle school division Mugunghwa-class title in the wrestling competition organized by the Korean Wrestling Association in 2009. In fact, when appearing on SBS’ “Running Man“, Park Ji Hyun said that she weighed nearly 80kg when she was a high school student.

park ji hyun

Park Ji Hyun now has an extremely skinny body with her bones exposed, but it can be seen that this is the result of her constant self-management.

Meanwhile, Park Ji Hyun plays Mo Hyun Min, Jin Seong Jun (Kim Nam Hee)’s wife and the only daughter of Hyunsung Ilbo’s owner, in the Fri-Sat-Sun drama “Reborn Rich”.

Source: Nate

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