From good acting to styling, Park Ji Hyun boasts a charming presence in Song Joong Ki’s “Reborn Rich” 

Park Ji Hyun’s charm explodes in “Reborn Rich”. She captivates the hearts of viewers by playing an ambitious woman. 

Park Ji Hyun plays Mo Hyun Min, the eldest daughter of the owner of the Hyunseong Ilbo, in JTBC’s Friday-Saturday drama “Reborn Rich”. Her character has feelings for Jin Do Joon (Song Joong Ki) but has an arranged marriage with Jin Do Joon’s cousin Jin Sung Joon (Kim Nam Hee).

“Reborn Rich” is a drama where supporting characters particularly stand out. Among them, Park Ji Hyun’s presence shines especially. Park Ji Hyun perfectly portrays Mo Hyun Min, a woman with a confident and urban charm. 

Park Ji-hyun

Mo Hyun Min reveals her feelings to Jin Do Joon, adding to the drama’s tension and shaking viewers’ hearts. The love triangle between Jin Do Joon, Seo Min Young (Shin Hyun Been), and Mo Hyun Min is working thanks to Park Ji Hyun’s performance. 

Park Ji Hyun also has good chemistry with Kim Nam Hee, who plays Jin Sung Joon. Mo Hyun Min likes Jin Do Joon, but she agrees to marry Jin Sung Joon without love in order to get the title of “Soonyang Group hostess”. In the recent episode, her ambition is revealed and the tension of the drama is greatly increased. The way she speaks exactly what she wants and stands up to Jin Sung Joon is especially attractive.

Park Ji-hyun

Park Ji Hyun’s styling is also perfect. Because it is a drama set in the 1990s, her vintage fashion and makeup goes well with Park Ji Hyun’s gorgeous appearance. 

After making his face known through the movie “Gonjiam” in 2018, Park Ji Hyun stood out by starring in the dramas “Eunju’s Room” and “Do You Like Brahms?”. In particular, she played Seo Sae Yi in TVing’s “Yumi’s Cells” last year, making viewers angry by pulling off a mean character.

park ji hyun

Park Ji Hyun was already known for her solid acting skills, but through “Reborn Rich”, she has succeeded in transforming her acting by portraying a character that anyone would find attractive. This is the reason why viewers are reacting, “Now I can see Park Ji Hyun’s real charm.”

Source: Daum

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