“Please fix one thing… That is my heart” Actress Kim Si Eun put on the brightest smile by her idol, singer and actress IU 

Actress Kim Si Eun expressed her sincere affection for singer and actress IU at the “59th Baeksang Arts Awards”. 

On April 29th, actress Kim Si Eun shared a short clip on her SNS with the caption, “Everything about [IU] is wonderful, but please fix one thing… that is my heart”. In the video, the actress was in a black dress, posing beside singer and actress IU, who was in a silky dress. They were equally stunning in visuals and smiled shyly while taking the video. In particular, Kim Si Eun was radiating happiness as she got to meet and record an intimate moment with her idol. 


In response, netizens congratulated actress Kim for achieving a dream that every fan has. 

Meanwhile, actresses Kim Si Eun and IU won the “Best New Actress” Award and the “Tiktok Popularity Award” at the 59th Baeksang Arts Awards last month, respectively.

Source: nate 

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