Female idols’ nail art: perfect in every detail

Different fingertips can drastically change an idol’s image. Stars who are conscious of fashion also have special nail art. 

Nail art that fits idols’ image or concept satisfies fans’ eyes. Sometimes it highlights idols’ glamour, sometimes it shows elegance.

Hyuna, Chungha, LOONA’s Chuu – full color nails

Female idols’ nail art: perfect in every details

From full-color nail art to chic French nail art, there are various kinds of art on their nails.

Hyuna and Chungha, group LOONA member Chuu, and group (G)I-DLE‘s Soyeon showed full-color nail art. Hyuna‘s nails are neon. With the nails and the similar-colored shoes and bags she chose, she completely looked like a fashionista. Chungha‘s nails are painted white to match the summer. Nail art that gives a cool feeling goes well with pearl-decorated accessories and similar colors of clothing.

Soyeon decorated her nails with sky blue. The color of the refreshing atmosphere creates lively charm and adds loveliness at the same time. Chuu‘s nails are gray. Nail art highlights Chuu‘s elegant atmosphere in chic clothes.

Han Ye Seul, Kyungri, Rose – French Nail Art

nail art 244513

Actress Han Ye Seul, singer and actress Kyungri from the group Nine Muses, and Rosé from the group Blackpink chose French nail art that emphasizes the tips of nails. 

Han Ye Seul dressed in green and colored the tips of her nails in similar colors.

Kyungri chose blue. Distinctive colors added her individuality. 

If you want to add something special to nail art, you can refer to Rosé‘s nails. She showed her personality by painting cute pictures such as clouds and flowers.

Arin, Sana – Gradient Nail Art

nail art 24667

Arin, a member of OH MY GIRL, and Sana, a member of TWICE, did gradient nail art. Arin showed off her refreshing charm with a combination of pink, orange and yellow. Cute pigtails and yellow clothes maximized the loveliness of nail art. 

If fancy colors are too noticeable, I recommend using achromatic colors like Sana. Sana’s nails are neat yet elegant with a white gradient.

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