Top 3 male Kpop idols who have perfect body figures with long legs and wide shoulders

These 3 male idols have the most admirable bodies in Kpop, and even experts have to give them praises.

Being an idol of the Korean entertainment industry, in addition to talents in singing, dancing, idols also have to get the advantage of appearance and work hard to look beautiful. To male idols, in addition to their faces, body shapes are also an important factor to attract fans. Having perfect body figures with long legs and broad shoulders, the following male idols not only make female fans crazy but also receive admiration and praisse from other male idols.

In one video on request, Shownu (Monsta X) picked out three idols that feature K-pop’s best body. These male idols are none other than the three members of the three popular boy groups now, Sehun (EXO), Jin (BTS) and Kang Daniel (Wanna One).

On the Video Star show, Shownu chose three male idols with beautiful bodies.

Jin (BTS)

Not only is he famous for his beautiful face, but he also possesses a very perfect body shape. Having 60cm large shoulder which is the brand of BTS, along with his admirable height of 1m79, Mr. Worldwide Handsome is the guy that makes girls want to lean on at least once.

BTS Jin body
Jin has impressive height and perfect body figure.
BTS Jin shoulder
This is the legendary Pacific-like shoulder.

Sehun (EXO)

Well-known as a beautiful male in EXO, Sehun also has a beautiful body shape. Although at the time of debut, the youngest member of EXO is skinny, thanks to hard work, he has changed his body shape completely. In the performances of EXO, Sehun’s performance was always the part where the fans lost their blood, especially when he took off his shirt to show off his hot body.

Sehun’s perfect body can cause female fans to lose blood.
Sehun body
With the admirable height and perfect body figure, he is no different than a professional model.

Kang Daniel (Wanna One)

The center of the country always has a charming trait on the stage or ordinary life that is hard to resist. Not only that, the admirable measurement of his legs and upper body in the ratio of 2: 1 makes Kang Daniel always in the top of the list of idols with the most dreamy bodies of Kbiz.

Hot-body idols to play with in water… #1 Kang Daniel, #2 BTS Jungkook
Kang Daniel had 57.7% of the vote, which is an overwhelming number in comparison with overall 15,116 votes.
He repeatedly boasted his advantageous look.

Kim Sae-ron Kang Daniel
The triangle upper body of the male idol.

The article posted on a Korean forum has attracted the attention of netizens. Fans are hyped over the body images of these idols. In addition, the netizens also realized that the idol interviewed, Shownu (Monsta X), also owns a beautiful body, which is no less than the other 3 male idols. He is also known as a top idol with a beautiful proportion with a large body and muscular broad shoulders.

…and Shownu (MONSTA X) might not be able to delay their enlistment.
Shownu body

Netizens went crazy with these idols’ bodies:

I’m so jealous of Sehun! He is known as the god of beauty with a perfect face. And his body is beautiful too. I am jealous to the death.”

Oh Sehun, Jin and Kang Daniel all have beautiful bodies out of alignment but the figures are not the same. They are so handsome that I can not choose who is the best.”

The physical structure of each person is different, but they are all beautiful.”

Shownu’s body is beautiful too!”

“Kim Seok Jin, the man has the Pacific Ocean-like shoulder, a beautiful face, and super long legs.”

Not only are they the visuals of their groups,  these idols also possess the body form that all fangirls “fall in love” with. In your opinion, who among them are the most attractive?

Source: Yan

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