Kim Sung-joo and Park Gyu-young to be MCs at “2023 MBC Drama Awards”

Kim Sung-joo and Park Gyu-young will be MCs at the “2023 MBC Drama Awards”

The “2023 MBC Drama Awards” is an event that looks back on the drama works that brought joy, anger, sorrow and pleasure to viewers over the past year. Various works and actors, such as “My Dearest”, “The Story of Park’s Marriage Contract”, “A Good Day to Be a Dog”, “Joseon Attorney” are “Numbers”, have received love from viewers, heightening expectations for awards. The addition of quick-witted Kim Sung-joo and the fresh pairing with the first-time MC Park Gyu-young is expected to add more fun to the event.

Kim Seong-joo Park Gyu-young

Kim Sung-joo, who has been the MC for the “MBC Drama Awards” since 2019, will once again take on the role of the host this year, marking his fifth consecutive year connecting with viewers. With his clean live broadcast hosting skills and delightful conversation style, he is set to present premium hosting, making the event more brilliant.

Actress Park Gyu-young is appointed as the host for the “2023 MBC Drama Awards”, attempting her first MC role since her debut. Park Gyu-young portrays the character Han Hae-na, who turns into a dog when she kisses someone, in the drama “A Good Day to Be a Dog”. She has been conveying warm comfort and excitement to viewers with her perfect character portrayal. With her wide-ranging acting skills across genres and the love she has received, there is considerable interest in Park Gyu-young’s new appearance as the first-time MC.

Meanwhile, the “2023 MBC Drama Awards” will be broadcast on December 30th (Sat).

Source: Daum

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