The Eastlight have been experiencing abuse and assault by their CEO and Producer

According to Exsport News, the boy band The Eastlight’s members have been experiencing verbal abuse from their CEO Kim Changhwan and assault from a Producer called A since 2015.

The Eastlight said Producer A has been beating violently them using baseball bat, hammer, metal microphone,… on their face. He even wrapped a guitar string around their neck and would tighten it whenever the boys make any mistake. He also used a lot of profanity and threatened to kill them. Despite the fact that all the boys are minors, they experienced major injuries on their heads and bodies.

Kim Changhwan, their CEO, has failed to take responsibility for the matter even after being notified of the abuse. He even contributed to the case by verbally abusing them.

Because of the abuse and assault, the boys have been suffering serious damages both physically and mentally. Even one member has turned to therapy because of the damages. The Eastlight has seeked for legal advice and planning to take action againts the abusers.

The Eastlight is a 10 member teenager boy band that includes Lee Seokcheol, Lee Seunghyun, Lee Eunseong, Kim Joonwook, Jung Sakang, and Lee Woojin. They debuted in 2016 with the track “Holla” and received a lot of attention from fans, even called a “gifted band”.

Souces: Naver

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