D.P 2: Jung Hae In’s Outstanding Acting Garners Praise 

Some viewers are already guessing that Jung Hae In will win a Baeksang for his acting in “D.P 2.” 

Returning after 2 years, “D.P 2” continues the unfinished story of the events in season 1. Season 2 starts with An Jun Ho (Jung Hae In) and Han Ho Yeol (Koo Kyo Hwan) trying to persuade Ru Ri to confess.

New characters appear one after another, each with special circumstances that lead them to desertion. Among them is Jang Seong Min, a talented actor with exceptional cross-dressing skills. Upon joining the military, he faces bullying due to his different appearance. Unable to withstand it, Seong Min decides to run away and change his identity to survive. 

dp2 jung hae in

The search for Seong Min leads to bloodshed, and Jun Ho witnesses many painful stories that drive him to bring the hidden aspects of military pursuit to light.

Similar to season 1, season 2 continues to receive high praise for its harsh yet touching story, taking viewers through a range of emotions. Particularly, viewers have given much praise to Jung Hae In. 

dp2 jung hae in

His character, Jun Ho, is seen as undergoing significant emotional growth, from helplessness towards the military victims to making tough decisions and trying to help them. Jung Hae In shines brightly with his performance. Many accolades have been given to Jung Hae In’s eye acting, and some even predict he will surely secure a nomination, even a win at the Baeksang Awards for Best Actor. Several viewers also anticipate season 3, as Jung Hae In’s character still has 364 days left in military service.

dp2 jung hae in

Viewers’ comments:

  • Jung Hae In truly stands out this season. He’s fantastic. I believe he deserves a Baeksang Award win this time.
  • Never disappointed with Jung Hae In’s acting.
  • Jung Hae In’s eye acting is outstanding. Baeksang, here he comes!!!
  • Jung Hae In truly deserves a Baeksang. The entire cast is exceptional, especially Jung Hae In.

Source: K14

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