NMIXX talks about their first US tour, “We got our flights upgraded”

JYP’s girl group NMIXX gave witty talks on Kim Shin Young’s radio show.

The July 12th broadcast of MBC FM4U’s “Kim Shin Young’s Noon Song of Hope” featured the guest appearance of NMIXX, the girl group that recently made a comeback with the new song “Party O’Clock”.

NMIXX recently completed their first solo showcase tour “NICE TO MIXX YOU” with a total of 14 shows in 13 regions around the world within a year of their debut.


On the broadcast, Kim Shin Young asked, “If you fly a lot, you can accumulate mileage, right? You can have more comfortable trips during vacation”. In response, the members smiled and said, “We got our flights upgraded”.

Kim Shin Young also asked about what NMIXX members often do when traveling to different countries. Except for Jiwoo, all the members said, “We sleep well on the plane”. Jiwoo shared, “Even if I’m on the plane for more than 10 hours, I only use half of that time to sleep and spend the rest of the time watching movies.”

Regarding the members with the largest or smallest luggage, NMIXX selected Kyujin as the person with “the largest luggage”, while Sullyoon has “the smallest luggage”. Kyujin surprised everyone as she said, “I usually carry a lot of luggage. We had our North America tour for 18 days, and I brought 15 T-shirts.”


On the other hand, Sullyoon showcased her easygoing personality as she revealed, “We came back to Korea quickly when going on an Asian tour, so I only brought a few things, such as clothes for rehearsals, pajamas, and toiletries”. Upon hearing this, Bae exposed Sullyoon, saying, “There were times when she only brought a large shopping bag”, drawing laughter.

Source: Daum

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