This ballad singer visited Kang Dong-won’s house together with BTS V… He even made Kang Dong-won cry with his live singing

Actor Kang Dong-won and BTS member V are known to be close friends. In fact, there is another celebrity who boasts a strong friendship with the two.

That person is Park Hyo-shin, who is known by the nickname “emotional ballad singer”. Kang Dong-won and Park Hyo-shin have been best friends for a long time, and Park Hyo-shin became close to V through Kang Dong-won’s introduction.

Kang Dong Won

The close friend trio of the Korean entertainment industry recently appeared together on a radio show and drew laughter with their witty talks. In particular, the three made hot topics as they revealed some special episodes about their friendship.

BTS V Kang Dong Won

Kang Dong-won appeared as a guest on the broadcast of MBC’s Radio FM “Kim Eana’s Starry Night”, which aired on September 28th. The actor showed up because he is close to Park Hyo-shin and BTS V, who hosted the radio program as special DJs.

BTS V Kang Dong Won

On the broadcast, Kang Dong-won told the story of how he got close to Park Hyo-shin and V. He said, “More than 15 years ago, I and Hyo-shin met and became friends because our stylists were close to each other. Then I introduced Hyo-shin to my acquaintance, and that acquaintance is close to Tae-hyung. That’s how we ended up knowing each other.”


When V said he was awkward since it was the first time the three of them doing a broadcast together, Kang Dong-won made the atmosphere become more comfortable by revealing “This is just like when we had a drink at my house”.

Kang Dong won

As the topic continued, daily stories of three people and their drinking parties were told. Kang Dong-won said, “There was a time when we had some light glass of wine and I suddenly asked Park Hyo-shin to sing ‘Wild Flower’.”

Kang Dong Won

“Wild Flower” is Park Hyo-shin’s representative hit, and it is a song that allows you to feel Park Hyo-shin’s attractive singing ability and emotion. 

Kang Dong-won confessed, “Park Hyo-shin sang it live in my living room. I was so moved and started to cry”. V added, “That was the first time I saw Kang Dong-won’s tears”, drawing laughter.

Park Hyo-shin

On the other hand, the three even shared stories of when they were touched by each other. 

Park Hyo-shin

V said, “I sometimes get sudden text messages or calls from them. I was touched every time. It felt so good”, conveying his affection for the brothers who gave him strengths.

kang dong won

Regarding Kang Dong-won, V and Park Hyo-shin said, “Whenever I visit his house, he always brings out all the good things for me”, and “He doesn’t have to give us all the wine he has, but we feel so sorry every time so we just take them home. Because he wants to give us good things only”, expressing their gratitude to Kang Dong-won, who always takes good care of them. 

Source: Insight

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