Lisa called V “oppa”? The surprisingly close relationship between YG and HYBE artists 

Fans of YG and HYBE artists might not get along, but their idols sure do 

YG Entertainment and HYBE Labels are now undoubtedly top names in Korea, with their astoundingly popular artists. However, while fans of the two agencies are often neck to neck with fanwars, their idols boast surprisingly close relationships.

Fans of YG Entertainment and HYBE Labels don’t often get along

Recently, an interaction between BTS V and BLACKPINK Lisa has made headlines in Korea. In particular, the two attended Celine’s show at Paris Fashion Week, and Lisa talked to V at this event. To address the male idol, Lisa called him “oppa” – a Korean term used by younger women towards male figures older than them. However “oppa” is only often used if said male and female have a close relationship, leading to suspicions that Lisa and V are close friends. In addition, the two’s appearance at Celine’s dinner party also drew attention. 

lisa bts v bo gum
Lisa, V, and Park Bo Gum were invited to a Celine fashion show in Paris
lisa bts v bo gum
V and Lisa had a lot of interactions at this event 
Lisa V
Lisa called V “oppa”, to which the male idol smiled
lisa v park bo gum
Contrary to their fandoms’ intense relationship, it seems that V and Lisa are close friends 
V Lisa Park Bo gum thumbnail
To be able to see BLACKPINK and BTS in the same frame is quite the site 

Previously, fans were also surprised to catch BTS J-Hope and BIGBANG G-Dragon in the same frame. The two famous idols apparently attended an exhibition of contemporary artist Tom Sachs together, and also went to his birthday celebration. 

bts j-hope g-dragon
J-Hope and G-Dragon went to a birthday celebration together 

In addition, BLACKPINK’s Jennie and BTS’s V have recently had their names attached to each other in plenty of articles and online posts due to dating rumors. Despite the growing speculations about their relationship, both Jennie and V’s agencies still refuse to issue a response. 

bts v blackpink jennie thumbnail
Jennie and V are rumored to be dating yet the companies remain silent
Kim Ga-ram
Some netizens believe the dating rumors were HYBE’s attempted media play to cover up for LE SSERAFIM’s Kim Garam and her school violence scandal 
jennie bts v
Fans also pointed out that V and Jennie’s dating evidences might have been edited

In the past, BTS members also openly expressed their admiration for BIGBANG and referred to the 2nd gen boy group as their role model. This is not surprising because not only BTS, a lot of male idols are fans of BIGBANG. 

BIGBANG is BTS’s role model
bts Bigbang
BTS members know BIGBANG’s songs well
bts bigbang
Now, both BTS and BIGBANG are K-pop legends 

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