JYP “HYPE’s Stock Value Is Worth Trillions, JYP Is Just A Commoner “

Park Jin-young mentioned the stock valuation of HYBE and JYP

The latest broadcast of MBC’s “Radio Star,” which aired on December 6th, is a special “Golden Singers” episode featuring Park Jin-young, Kim Bum-soo, Kim Wan-sun and Park Mi-kyung.

In this episode, host Kim Gu-ra asked Park Jin-young, “The stock valuation of HYBE and JYP received a lot of attention. But that can’t be helped. How much is Bang Si-hyuk’s stock valuation?” Park Jin-young replied, “I know it’s many trillion won.” As for JYP’s stock valuation, he said, “I’m a very commoner compared to Si-hyuk.”

On the rumor that JYP made Bang Si-hyuk wash his socks while they were living in the U.S. together, Park explained, “Si-hyuk washed my socks while I was busy selling songs because my English was better than his. If Si-hyuk was better at English than me, I would have washed his socks. It’s not because he’s younger than me that he had to wash my socks, but because we had our own duties.”

In addition, regarding the fact that HYBE, led by Bang Si-hyuk, became No. 1 in the industry, “If Si-hyuk didn’t do well, it would be really heartbreaking for me as well. It’s really nice that he made it,” JYP boasted of their friendship, saying, “And if K-pop develops, it’s good for both of us, so we discuss a lot about this together.”

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