Wavve’s drama lineup for 1st half of 2023 excites fans with Kim Tae Ri, Lee Na Young, and Han Suk Kyu’s appearance

On March 15th, OTT platform Wavve introduced upcoming dramas and variety shows to be released in the first half of 2023 in a video uploaded on its official YouTube channel. These works will be broadcasted by the three representative terrestrial broadcasters and available as Wavve Original content simultaneously. 

Among them, here are the 3 works that are highly anticipated by netizens.

1. Park Ha Kyung’s Journey

“Park Ha Kyung’s Journey” is a cheerful travelogue drama that aroused keen attention as the comeback project of actress Lee Na Young after four years. It portrays the joyful wandering journey of Park Ha Kyung (Lee Na Young), a Korean language teacher who goes on a one-day trip every Saturday when she wants to disappear from her busy life, as well as unexpected moments and miraculous encounters on her trips. The drama boasts a splendid lineup with Koo Kyo Hwan, Han Ye Ri, and Sunwoo Jung-a. It is scheduled to air in the second quarter of this year.


2. Dr. Romantic Season 3

Dr. Romantic” series centers around an eccentric genius doctor named Kim Sa Bu (Han Suk Kyu) working at a shabby hospital in a remote area. Releasing Season 1 in 2016 and Season 2 in 2020, it gained huge popularity every time and even achieved a viewer rating peak of 27%. Leading actors such as Ahn Hyo Seop, Lee Sung Kyung, Kim Min Kae, Jin Kyung, and Im Won Hee will also return in the new season, which is set to broadcast the first episode next month through SBS.

Dr. Romantic

3. The Devil

Screenwriter Kim Eun Hee and actress Kim Tae Ri collaborate to create “The Devil”. This drama is an occult mystery thriller in which a woman possessed by a devil and a man who can see the devil uncovers the mysterious deaths surrounding five divine beings after opening the door to a world where evil spirits exist. In particular, Kim Tae Ri takes on the role of a public prosecutor named Go San Young, who has been preparing for the 9th-grade civil service exam for years. Also starring actors Oh Jung Se, Hong Kyung, and Jin Sung Gyu, the drama is expected to premiere on SBS in June.


In addition, various content, such as “Taxi Driver 2”, “The Secret Romantic Guesthouse”, “Oasis,” “Deal”, the documentary “National Investigation Headquarters” and the survival entertainment show “Game of Blood 2”, are already airing or set to be released. 

Source: Wikitree

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