The “most hated” actress in “Crash Landing On You”: Surprisingly young in her 40s, lackluster career?

The current status of Seo Ye Jin’s “sister in law” in “Crash Landing On You” can shock many people.

Released 3 years ago, yet “Crash Landing On You” remains a buzz-worthy K-drama, especially after the main couple Son Ye Jin and Hyun Bin got married and announced they are expecting a child. Alongside the married couple, however, other supporting cast members also contributed to the K-drama’s massive success, including actress Yoon Ji Min.

yoon ji min

In “Crash Landing On You”, Yoon Ji Min assumes the role of Son Ye Jin’s evil sister-in-law Ko Sang Ah, who’s extremely cunning and behind the various schemes of her husband in order to overthrow Son Ye Jin’s character and steal her inheritance. 

yoon ji min
Yoon Ji Min played the cunning female villain in “Crash Landing On You”

With her luxurious appearance and cold, sharp eyes, Yoon Ji Min delivered an excellent portrayal, and her character also made “Crash Landing On You” all the more gripping and exciting. Unfortunately, the actress seems to be too good at her job, to the point she got hated over her evil role.

yoon ji min
The villains of “Crash Landing On You”

When she starred in “Crash Landing On You”, Yoon Ji Min had joined the acting industry for over 20 years, with various leading roles in Korean series and movies. However, despite her outstanding looks, talents, and physique, the actress’ character isn’t quite remarkable with most of her projects going unnoticed. After “Crashing Landing On You”, Yoon Ji Min has starred in 2 seasons of the web series “Hope Or Dope”, as well as Suzy’s recent work “Anna”, but her roles all had extremely limited screen time. 

yoon ji min
Yoon Ji Min interacted well with Suzy on the set of “Anna”

Now 45 years old, Yoon Ji Min focuses more on her husband and children than her acting world. On her SNS, the actress often shares images of her happy daily life, alongside her family and friends. Her youthful look regardless of age, as well as spectacular body are greatly admired by netizens. 

yoon ji min
Yoon Ji Min boasts a blemishless bare face in her 40s
yoon ji min
Yoon Ji Min and her husband
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