The deteriorating effect of idols’ mental and physical health while going on World Tours 

After two nights of dizzying performances, BLACKPINK returned to Seoul. As of now, the YG girl group has embarked on nearly a year of nonstop touring across North America, Europe, and Asia. Before BLACKPINK concluded their world tour, they will have an additional 5 encore concert nights in the U.S. 

Health issues became more prominent when Jennie had to walk off the stage mid-performance on June 11 in Melbourne.


YG Entertainment released an announcement, saying, “Jennie expressed her strong determination to carry on with the performance until the end. However, following medical advice on site, we immediately took measures to ensure she receives ample rest and stability. Jennie has conveyed her regrets for not being able to stay with the fans until the end and assures that she will recover as soon as possible. We will do our utmost to support Jennie’s speedy recovery.” 

Jennie walked out of the Melbourne stage due to health reasons

At the time, Jennie had to carry out various personal and group schedules at the same time, costing her great wellbeing. 

Other girl groups also experience the same situation. aespa Giselle recently reported being absent from “Knowing Bros” due to health reasons. SM Entertainment later announced her absence from the “2023 Governors Ball.” 

A range of SM stars such as Red Velvet Joy and SHINee Onew also reportedly pulled out from schedules due to declining physical health. Red Velvet Joy was bothered by her current status and posted, “My heart was always heavy when I thought of the Luvies (Red Velvet’s fandom name) who would be tired and worried in the vague wait,” adding, “It was uneasy and difficult at first to put everything down like this and spend time for myself, but thanks to the understanding and concern of the members and many people at the company, I am overcoming it well.

Physical toll

Preparation for concert performances is already taxing due to its intensity and lengthiness. Physical appearance is also a concern when idols have to undergo strict diets to maintain their form. 

blackpink rose outfit
BLACKPINK Rosé showed alarming physical deterioration

Repeated practice can also result in injuries such as a sprained ankle, or worse, internal injuries. The more physical damage an idol receives, the more their mental health worsens. 

Heavy and intense schedules do not lessen the burden. Between practices, there are recording sessions and touring, which deprive idols of time to recover their health. 

Other external factors include jet lag, climate change, or a messed-up biological clock. This often occurs over a long period.

One solution is to hire nutrition experts to accompany idols during tours on private jets. However, it is usually costly to use such a service, reaching 700 million won per year.

Untreated mental issues 

On July 2019, TWICE Mina had to sit out of the girl group tour due to health reasons. Later, on July 10, her company announced her absence from several touring dates due to prolonged health issues. 


JYP Entertainment reported Mina was experiencing extreme anxiety and insecurity, which demanded extensive treatment. The announcement raised concerns not only about the problem per se but also about how it was received and treated.

Idols can only resort to health reasons when injuries are physical. Nonetheless, when Mina’s issues were announced, it raised mental wellbeing as an urgent matter. 

Mental health issues are also born out of the high pressure of being a public figure. They are under public scrutiny and a great deal of media attention. When idol groups go on tours to other cultures, their behaviors and manners are under greater attention. 

During the “ODE TO YOU” tour, S.Coups was also absent from group activities due to his anxiety disorders. 

When speaking of his feelings during the “HIT THE ROAD” behind-the-scenes pictorial, the rapper revealed he worked hard to overcome the feeling but eventually decided to take a break. Nonetheless, he maintained that performing brought him happiness and he did not want his mental health status to affect that.

Potential mental health issues become more unavoidable as a part of being an idol. Therefore, it is timely for the industry and companies to pay more attention to their idols’ wellbeing, both physical and mental.

Source: k14 

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