Jinni signed with new agency just 3 months after leaving JYP, netizens question her “personal reason”

The fact that former NMIXX member Jinni signed a contract with a new company raised suspicions that she had a conflict with JYP

According to Sublime Artist Agency on April 14th, Jinni recently signed an exclusive contract with UAP (United Artist Production). Through a collaboration agreement with UAP, Sublime will manage Jinni’s activities on behalf of her agency.

Newsen also reported that Jinni had discussed her exclusive contract with UAP and activities management with Sublime in March, before making a contract with them. After she opened her personal Instagram account on March 18th, the exclusive contract was belatedly officialized. 


Jinni announced her new start but the reason she left NMIXX has not yet been explained clearly. After spending a long time as a JYP trainee, Jinni debuted as a member of NMIXX in February 2022 and received huge love from fans worldwide through group activities for ten months. However, she suddenly withdrew from the team on December 9th of the same year.

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At that time, JYP only stated “personal circumstances” as the reason for Jinni’s withdrawal from the group and exclusive contract termination. 10 days before her withdrawal, Jinni still promised that she would continue to work hard as a member of NMIXX through a post on the group’s communication platform. Therefore, abrupt her departure shocked many fans, who have been supporting her since her debut.

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Some people argued that JYP did not give a clear explanation in consideration of Jinni because her personal reason was somewhat negative, while others spread rumors and made various speculations, including that the agency forced the female idol to leave.


Previously when JYP announced member Junhyuk leaving DAY6 five months after debut, they explained, “His withdrawal from the group and exclusive contract termination was due to personal reasons”. Regarding the leaving of Woo Jin from Stray Kids after one year and 7 months of activities, the agency also stated, “He left the team and terminated his contract due to personal reasons”.

kim woojin

On the other hand, Stray Kids Hyun Jin, who was a school violence perpetrator, resumed activities with his group after going on a short hiatus of 5 months for self-reflection.

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Source: Daum

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