ITZY’s Yuna went viral on TikTok with a video of her doing the leg-shaking dance

A video of ITZY’s maknae doing the choreography of the song “Swipe” earns 1.1 million likes on TikTok. 

ITZY is known as a girl group with outstanding performance skills because 4 out of 5 members are capable of taking on the main dancer position. They always nail difficult dance moves. Many choreographies of ITZY have gone viral in Kpop, such as Ryujin’s iconic shoulder dance in WANNABE. In the latest comeback with the album Crazy In Love, it was maknae Yuna’s turn to go viral on TikTok thanks to the leg-shaking dance.  

Yuna’s viral leg-shaking choreography 

A compilation video of Yuna doing the leg-shaking dance taken from all ITZY’s performances of the b-side track “Swipe” on the group’s latest album attracts much attention. Not only does ITZY’s maknae impress fans with her dancing skills, her stage presence also makes her stand out more. In the viral video, the female idol also shows off her toned body, surreal long legs, and top-tier aura.

itzy yuna
Yuna flaunts her long legs and toned thighs when performing the dance 

Notably, this dance move is actually a lot more difficult than it looks and requires good body control because Yuna has to shake her legs while keeping them straight. In Swipe’s original choreography, all 5 members of ITZY do this leg-shaking dance, but when they perform on stage, only Yuna does it in the center.

All 5 members doing the leg-shaking dance in Swipe’s choreography video
But on stage, it was only Yuna

The video of Yuna on TikTok is only 10 seconds long but has earned 1.1 million likes after only 5 days. The comment section is filled with compliments for Yuna’s dancing skills and pretty visuals. 

itzy yuna
Yuna shakes her legs for only 10 seconds and receives more than 1.1 million likes 

Some netizens’ comments:

  • I practiced this dance and it took me 3 hours to do it. It is extremely tiring and not easy at all.
  • Her body control is amazing
  • How could she make it look not awkward?
  • Yuna’s visuals are no joke, she’s so pretty.
  • ITZY has the best dancers among 4th generation girl groups, their choreographies are always impressive too 
  • ITZY’s choreography is always difficult

Yuna is ITZY’s lead dancer, but her dancing skills are on par with the main dancers. Moreover, the female idol has grabbed much attention from the early days of her debut thanks to her pretty face, skinny, toned body and outstanding height (1m70). Having both visuals and talent, Yuna is deemed one of the most promising 4th generation female idols. She is expected to become even more famous in the future if JYP takes good care of her. 

itzy yuna
Yuna is one of the hottest female idols of the 4th generation 
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