The reason why you should watch “Birth”…The story of “Kim Dae Geon” unfolded by actors with “crazy acting skills”

Many moviegoers began to get tired of repetitive and boring modern movies.

Therefore, the demand for “well-made historical movies” is increasing these days.


A movie that is expected to target these audiences’ taste will be released.

This movie received enthusiastic reactions at the preview even before its release. It was hotly mentioned on various online communities and SNS.

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It was a movie that led to rave reviews, with all the audience who went to the preview saying “I’m going to take my friends to the theater and show them this movie“.

It is the movie “Birth” set in Joseon in 1845, about 200 years ago.

This movie depicts the great adventure of Kim Dae Geon, a young man who overcomes twists and turns to become the first priest in Joseon.


The role of Kim Dae Geon was played by Yoon Shi Yoon, a “young acting genius”. Not long ago, he played the role of Lee Hyun Jae in KBS’ drama “It’s Beautiful Now”.

In the movie, Yoon Shi Yoon played Kim Dae Geon from the age of 16 until his martyrdom in his mid-20s.

Based on Yoon Shi Yoon’s unique bright energy and clear feeling, he is expected to convincingly depict the process of a curious and studious young man becoming the first priest in Joseon.

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Actor Ahn Sung Ki played the role of Yoo Jin Gil, an indispensable figure for Kim Dae Geon.

In the movie, Ahn Sung Ki brilliantly portrayed the role of Yoo Jin Gil, a figure with leadership who teaches Chinese to seminary students and helps them study abroad. It can be said that Ahn Sung Ki is Yoo Jin Gil and Yoo Jin Gil is Ahn Sung Ki.

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There is also a rumor that the staff at the filming site were surprised by Ahn Sung Ki, who was immersed in Yoo Jin Gil, to the extent that they called his name confusingly.

Besides, actors Yoon Kyung Ho, Kim Kang Woo and Lee Moon Sik appeared in “Birth”.

Outstanding actors’ acting shines in collaboration with the movie’s background.

movie birth

Director Park Heung Sik raised expectations by saying, “Except for Seoul, we filmed here and there around the country, including Jeju Island. With the help of CG, past scenes were wonderfully reenacted.”

In particular, when filming winter scenes, 3 strong fans were prepared.

Music, which is said to be as important as acting and image, is also unique.

Director Lee Dong Jun, one of the first-generation masters in the Korean film music industry, was in charge of music for “Gingko Bed”, “Taegukgi”, “Shiri”, “I Can Speak” and “Perhaps Love”.


Above all, genius vocalist John Noh participated in the OST. His voice in collaboration with the Czech Orchestra leads the movie audience to 1845.

The movie “Birth” is a beautiful combination of acting, directing, image and music.

From today (Nov 30th), you can go watch it at theaters nationwide.

Source: Insight

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