NewJeans’ Cool Reaction To Hate Comments Draws Attention

A member of girl group NewJeans draws attention as they coolly counter hate comments 

Having concluded a year of consecutive hits, NewJeans has become one of the most prominent names on the music scene. The girl group swept year-end awards, even becoming the only female group to win “double Daesang” at two awards ceremonies in the same year. 

Minji Hyein

However, as NewJeans elevated the group’s status both domestically and internationally, anti-fans of the group also grew like mushrooms after rain.

At the same time, rookie groups such as NewJeans are known to never respond strongly to hate comments, causing anti-fans to take things too far. In the end, Hyein and Minji had to show a strong response, which has since garnered great attention.

In particular, during a live broadcast on NewJean’s fan communication app Phoning, Hyein and Minji encountered hate comments telling Minji to “go die”. As a result, the atmosphere of the live session immediately dampened. However, Minji managed to retain her calm, took a screenshot as evidence, all while reassuringly smiling to comfort fans. Minji and Hyein then issued a warning to the anti-fan, asserting how they always see these sorts of comments during their lives, how they also feel hurt, but various positive comments have cheered them up. 

Minji’s calm reaction and strong response have caused a social media sensation, and hopefully, with the screenshot as proof, actions can be taken against the anti-fan. 

Source: K14

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