The former idol of JYP and YG MAYDONI shed tears after sharing why she disappeared for a while

The sudden tears of the former idol of JYP and YG Maydoni in her performance raised curiosity.

The 4th episode of KBS 2TV’s Legendary Song Reincarnation Audition Program ‘우리가 사랑한 그 노래, 새가수(The old songs we loved sung by new singers)’ (hereinafter referred to as ‘The New Singer‘) will air on the campus lawn of Hanyang Women’s University on the 5th. Jang Hye-jin’s group will join in this episode to perform busking stages.

MAYDONI, shed tears while sharing why she disappeared for a while

There are not only Jang Hye-jin is the representative of female ballad singers of Korea but also all of her group’s members have had experience as singers, creating an atmosphere full of tension. It includes Maydoni, a talented singer who was discovered 20 years ago through the ‘Talent Developing Project’ of JYP and YG, a former ballad idol, a singer-songwriter who debuted with her own song.

Before performing Kyung-Wha Chung’s ‘Invitation to Me’, Maydoni shared about the time she lost when she was a singer, “I got a good deal over the phone and went to Japan, but it turned out to be a voice phishing scam,” revealing a shocking story. She then sang but soon bursts into tears, draw attention to the previous story.

In Jang Hye-jin‘s group, there’s another participant, who reminds Jang Hye-jin of actress Go Ara. She chose Jang Hye-jin‘s “A Late Night of 1994“, building up Jang Hye-jin‘s expectations. Jang Hye-jin then shared, “I sang this song with tears in my eyes.” It raised questions about what kind of emotion this participant would capture Jang Hye-jin.

As the first round of 44 teams is over, the first MVP selected by seven judges will also be unveiled on the day,” the production crew stated. “Please look forward to who would be selected as the only player to receive the ‘New Singer’ badge.”

The fourth episode of ‘The Old Songs We Loved Sung By New Singers’ will air at 10 p.m. (KST) on the 5th.

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