IU joins Ice Bucket Challenge at Sean’s mention, inviting Lee Do Hyun & Heo Jun Seok as next challengers

Singer & actress IU joined the 2023 Ice Bucket Challenge.

On July 11th, IU released on her Instagram account a video showing her doing the 2023 Ice Bucket Challenge that started with Sean.

iu bucket challenge

The female singer added the caption, “I accept the challenge at Sean’s mention. The next three people I’m challenging are Heo Jun Seok sunbaenim, Lee Joo Young and Lee Do Hyun”.

She continued, “I’m very grateful to my colleagues who express their willingness to participate in the challenge despite their busy schedules”, adding “Please do the Ice Bucket Challenge within 24 hours and name the next three challengers”.

Lastly, IU said, “I would appreciate it a lot if you show your interest and support for the establishment of Korea’s first Lou Gehrig’s disease healthcare hospital”.

iu bucket challenge

The Ice Bucket Challenge is a campaign to attract public interest in Lou Gehrig’s disease patients and raise donations for the construction of Lou Gehrig’s disease healthcare hospital. This challenge started in the US in 2014 and spread around the world via social media. In Korea, it was singer Seasn who started this campaign.

Sean recently posted his 2023 Ice Bucket Challenge video on Instagram and said, “Please join us to support the construction of Korea’s first Lou Gehrig’s disease healthcare hospital”. He then pointed out Park Bo Gum, IU and Jo Won Hee as the next challengers.

Source: Nate

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