Apink do fight sometimes, may or may not exchange birthday gifts

Girl group Apink, who has been in the industry for 13 years, still maintain a close relationship with each other.

On April 12th, Apink appeared as guests on the SBS Power FM radio show, “Kim Young Chul’s Power FM.”

That day, Kim Young Chul congratulated Kim Namjoo on her upcoming birthday and asked, “Do the members exchange birthday gifts?”

To this, Kim Namjoo immediately replied, “We used to do it a lot, but not so much these days”, to which Kim Young Chul sympathized by saying, “At first, I give gifts to look good, but when I grow close to somebody, I don’t do it as much.”


However, Kim Namjoo immediately added, “We still do it. Chorong and Eunji always give gifts”’. She also brought laughter to the scene by saying, “When I said we don’t do it, there was a reaction from them (Apink), so I have to talk about it.”

Finally, when Kim Young Chul asked if Apink ever fought, Jung Eunji jokingly agreed, revealing that the girl group ”do fight sometimes.” 

In response, Kim Young Chul said, “I think I would lose if I fought with Eunji”, while Namjoo nodded, saying, “You would definitely lose.”

Source: Daum

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