Seungri says BLACKPINK resembles BIG BANG, Jennie is “like GD, always going to Paris”

At BLACKPINK’s first concert in Seoul, a member from YG’s senior boy group BIG BANG suddenly made his appearance.

BLACKPINK 2018 TOUR-IN YOUR AREA SEOUL X BC CARD took place at Seoul Olympic Gymnastics Stadium on October 10th. Seungri from BIG BANG appeared as a guest and performed his solo songs on the stage, receiving enthusiastic response from the audiences.

Seungri said “It was an honor to be a guest at BLACKPINK’s concert,” and “the Seoul Olympic Gymnastics is also the place where BIG BANG’s first Seoul concert took place.” He was also confident that BLACKPINK would also go big from this place just like BIG BANG.

If you look at BLACKPINK and BIG BANG, there are a lot of things in common.” “Jennie reminds me of G-Dragon. She are always going to Paris. Always uploads pictures with designers. Fashion vibes. Not to me though”, he said, making the audience laugh. He also said “Lisa reminds me of Daesung.”, making the audience laugh again, and said “I mean in a good way. They are bright and very energetic.

When I look at Jisoo, I think of TOP. They both have charisma, but also the weird sides.” “And then Rosé reminds me of Taeyang. They both have vocals and artistic souls. Seungri also said “It seems BLACKPINK does not need another member who is like me.”, entertaining the BLACKPINK fans at the concert with a witty charm.

Souces: Naver

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