Lee Jong Suk to battle against former co-star Suzy after 5 years 

The latest K-dramas of Lee Jong Suk and Suzy are neck-to-neck with super intriguing premises

Recently, there have been a lot of interesting K-dramas hitting the screen, and among those are the return of Lee Jong Suk and Suzy, both of which draw great interest. 

In 2017, Lee Jong Suk and Suzy starred together in the hit drama series “While You Were Sleeping”, and boasted intense chemistry, wooing the hearts of numerous audience members

Now that we have reached 2022, the duo finally reunited in the K-drama world, though this time in rival K-dramas. 

For Suzy, the idol-actress will appear in “Anna”, which follows Yoo Mi, a girl who has always struggled in life. Everything changed after a small lie, however, and suddenly, Yoo Mi appeared as a wealthy woman who flaunted the greatest fashion. 


Meanwhile, Lee Jong Suk will star alongside idol-actress Yoona in the law drama “Big Mouse”. Here, the actor will assume the role of Park Chang Ho, who was so bad at this job that his total winning rate was as low as 10%. However, he soon stumbled into quite a big issue, and had to survive against dark schemes. 

lee jong suk big mouse

Right from the synopsis, both of the series sound extremely promising. The characters of Suzy and Lee Jong Suk get their life uprooted, albeit in completely different ways .

Regarding the styling, Suzy will turn “Anna” into her fashion runway with all sorts of high-end and chic costumes. Meanwhile, Lee Jong Suk will opt for the basics, and even adorned prison clothes. 


Lee Jong Suk’s acting has long been recognized through various hits, like “I Can Hear Your Voice”, “Romance Is A Bonus Book”, “W: Two Worlds”, mostly playing genius with an akin for justice.

Lee Jong Suk

However, through “Big Mouse”, the actor will transform into an anti-hero, who started out as a loser who couldn’t even keep his career afloat, bringing a new wind to his acting resume. 

Uncontrollably Fond

Meanwhile, Suzy has been proving her improvements in acting, with series like “Uncontrollably Fond”, “Vagabond”, “Start Up”, and more. Through teasers and posters, it seems that Suzy will also boast a new image through her upcoming work, raising expectations. 

big mouse

“Big Mouse” and “Anna” show strong prospects of being big K-drama hits this summer. With their gripping plots and promising acting, this battle will be quite a scene to see. 

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