“Music Bank” IVE won first place… Jang Won-young “I can’t even imagine”

IVE proved their popularity by winning No.1 on “Music Bank” even after the end of promotional activities.

IVE took first place with “After LIKE” on KBS 2TV’s “Music Bank”, which aired on the afternoon of Oct 7th. As such, IVE ranked first 4 times on “Music Bank” alone.

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Jang Won-young said, “In fact, I didn’t expect to win No.1 today. Thank you so much for loving ‘After LIKE’ for such a long time. On behalf of all the staff and members, I’ll take this award preciously. Thank you so much, ‘Music Bank’. Please continue to love us a lot in the future.”

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In particular, this day was more meaningful as it marked one year since Jang Won-young became the MC of “Music Bank”. Jang Won-young shared, “I’m so happy right now that I can’t think of anything. It’s already been a year since I was with ‘Music Bank’. I’m looking forward to the days I’ll be with Chae-min, so please take good care of us. Thank you.”

red velvet seulgi

Stray Kids is back with their own love song. “CASE 143” is a love song that Stray Kids chose as their title song this time. The song composition, which unfolds speedily on the synth line, catches fans’ ears while the intense energy unique to Stray Kids gives everyone a thrill. 


AB6IX made a sweet comeback this time. “Sugarcoat” is an attractive song with kitschy lyrics that figuratively express feelings of love by comparing one’s favorite partner to sweet sugar. The track is a combination of Lee Dae-hwi’s unique addictive melody, who is a trustworthy producer, with the soul, hip-hop and R&B led by talented producer ROBBIN. 


A special stage of CocaNButter was also unveiled. CocaNButter performed the title song “Mi Deh Yah (Feat. Kunta)” of their first single album “Mi Deh Yah” on Music Bank. They filled the stage with their sharp, synchronized dance and harmony, attracting viewers at once. “Mi Deh Yah” is a Jamaican Patwa meaning “I’m fine,” which shows how CocaNButter doesn’t care about anything else but having fun.


Meanwhile, this week’s Music Bank welcomed AB6IX, Adora, CRAVITY, DKZ, Kingdom, Lapillus, Mimirose, NMIXX, Road-B, Stray Kids, Limelight, Rolling Quartz, MIRAE, Suan (Purple Kiss), Seulgi, Xiumin, and CocaNButter.

Source: daum

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